Healthy Systems through Proactive Support

We constantly monitor your systems so you don't have to.

Our Consultants

CMGeeks employs a mix of full-time and part-time consultants which gives us a much broader base of skills than that of a one or two-person firm. This base of skills ranges from server and network administration, to computer management, to website development, to mobile and cloud integration.

Our part-time consultants have full-time positions with other companies insuring that CMGeeks remains current with the latest products and best practices of the IT industry. The majority of our full-time consultants have more than 20 years of industry experience, and have not only witnessed, but played a role in the evolution of the IT world.

Today that world is more advanced than ever before, and simultaneously abstracted away from view - technology is expected to work well, and at all times. To uphold that expectation, CMGeeks typically performs project and maintenance work on nights and weekends to avoid disrupting your business during normal hours of operation.

In sum, it is our mission to be a unique IT consulting company which aims to engineer individualized IT solutions tailored to the differing needs of each client.


Provide the highest quality and most affordable IT solutions and services to small businesses who demand the most from their IT investment. Treat your resources as our own, and subsequently make consistent decisions for the betterment of your organization, rather than the strict pursuit of profit. Understand that proper IT consulting requires a relationship between the user and administrator, and that no single solution can adequately serve the unique needs of a particular organization.

Type of Work

CMGeeks is here to help with one-time projects, total IT outsourcing, or anything in-between. We understand that the needs of small businesses differ from one to the next. We are here to listen and deliver services that exceed your expectations. From server to cell phone, and software to cloud, we will integrate your technological environment across your devices and workspaces.

Ideal Clients

  • Businesses with demanding IT needs who are looking for a personal touch rather than a cookie-cutter solution.
  • Businesses with their own IT staff which are undergoing large projects and are seeking outsourcing for advice and technical support.
  • Businesses of 10-100 employees which value trust and dedication and are looking to outsource the management, maintenance, and evolution of their technical infrastructure.