Fully Managed I.T. Support

Day or night, we provide 100% I.T. outsourcing.

Monthly PC Health Checks

Every month after Microsoft releases their updates, we log into each PC. We make sure the Microsoft updates installed correctly, we update other software applications such as Java, Adobe products, flash, etc. We check event logs for errors that may be causing problems, or may cause future issues. We check your anti virus logs, We check disk space to make sure nothing is going wrong and we document all of our findings in a report that is sent to you.


No matter how big your data is we will give you a backup solution that we will manage and monitor for you. Backups are only important when you need them. We insure they are running correctly every day and are there for you when you do need to restore.

Experience the CMGeeks Difference

  • Calls are Never Dispatched
  • Ticketless Support System
  • Up-front Pricing. No Surprises.
  • No Hardware/Software Markups
  • Remote & Onsite Support
  • Customized Support Plans
  • Seasoned I.T. Staff
  • No Contract Required


CMGeeks can manage all your computers, servers, and networking needs for a fixed fee. This is like having your own IT professionals working solely for you, but you only pay for what you use. You benefit from our experience of managing many environments for other companies. We constantly investigate what is new in IT and hot issues that need to be addressed, and we proactively monitor your IT environment 7x24 for potential issues that may arise. This results in maximum system uptime and performance.

Already have full IT resources? We can give you another opinion or help with a one-time project that is outside the current capacity of your IT resources.

Network Design, Implementation, Support & Maintenance

Building a new infrastructure, or is it time to re-evaluate what you have? A solid infrastructure design will make implementation, support and maintenance much easier. CMGeeks considers implementation details and ongoing support and maintenance details at the design level. All too often over-complexity is designed into infrastructure projects without considering the ramifications of implementation support and on-going maintenance resulting in a high total cost of ownership. CMGeeks will provide you with a design that is just what you need and will keep your environment running reliably and at a reasonable cost.

You Deserve The Best

Are you unhappy with the performance of your systems, or the responsiveness of your current I.T. provider? CMGeeks will meet with you to discuss your needs and goals, and offer proven solutions. We require no contracts, and simply believe that if we cannot satisfy your needs, we do not deserve your business.

Email, Calendar & Contacts

Has managing Email become a way of life, meaning; no longer just a 9-5 task? Customers’ expectations have increased to a point they expect timely replies. If you need access to email from any device, anytime and do not want to manage the same message more than once we can help. Imagine having full access to your email via Outlook on your desk, you phone when you are out of your office and a Web interface when you are near a computer. All this functionality and the best in industry virus and spam protection.

Antivirus/Malware Mitigation

Mitigating the risk of malware requires more than just installing a product. It requires constant updates of your software. Avoid installing software you do not use, and work at standard user level so as not to allow malware to corrupt privileged files. If you have an issue we can clean it up for you and put the necessary products and disciplines in place to keep you safe.