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WordPress Services

Theme Design

In WordPress the appearance of your site is governed by the theme you have selected. The software ships with some standard themes, but most users opt for something less generic. There are both free and paid themes available for download that you can try out. CMGeeks can also design a custom theme tailored to your business. We create a development site and fine-tune the layout to your specifications. Afterward the theme is installed to your production site. Theme designs are modular and can be installed on any WordPress website with the sufficient version requirement. Our themes are designed for WordPress 4.0+ and are tested with the latest version of WordPress available during development.

The Power of WordPress

With WordPress you get to choose from over 50,000 plugins, maintained by companies and developers worldwide. The platform is updated regularly with new features and security updates so you can maintain a state-of-the-art website without incurring ongoing development expenses.

Plugin Development

Anything is possible with WordPress plugins. Since the platform is open source technology, plugins can be used to customize any functionality available in the platform, as well as add any new features.

With the WooCommerce plugin, you can turn your website into an online store with a one-click install. There are many great features out of the box, but users often find the need to add features of their own on top of the native functionality provided by the shopping car platform. This is accomplished by installing additional plugins which all run simultaneously on your website. We can recommend the ones we like best, help you configure and keep your plugins updated, or build you a custom plugin if you have the need for specialized functionality not provided by any of the plugins listed in the WordPress Directory.

Maintenance, Installations & Upgrades

Are you on an old version of WordPress and are worried upgrading will break your installation? We can create a demo installation to test the upgrade process and to determine if there are any issues, and if so, address those issues before upgrading your production site. It is best to always do plugin and platform updates when possible to make sure that you have the latest feature updates and security patches.

Do you need help getting up and running on WordPress, or are you looking to take advantage of additional features/plugins? We are here to help for all projects – from using the Customizer and installing plugins, to extending basic functionality and integrating new features.

Do you have another need not listed here? Reach out to us to see if we can help.